question - scirocco MK1

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question - scirocco MK1

Post autor: deywis »

Hi all scirocco fans, Iˇm owner from czech republic of scirocco GT2 90´ and next week I will buy scirocco mk1 75. I want to ask you if you know some e-shops where I can buy any parts to this MK1 (especially fenders, thresholds and so).

I find fenders on ebay, but new costs about 300 euros and more...

Have you got some polish shops? help me please..

thank you very much...

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Re: question - scirocco MK1

Post autor: Ruszowy »

Hi Deywis, we have the same situation like in Czech Republic. Lack of polish shops to MkI. You have to support only on german e-shops, ebay etc. You can try to find some parts on polish auction website,, many of parts are came from car dismantling.
I hope that polish users will help You tu buy it in Poland if You will find something interesting.

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seller wrote that the fender is new..