International Scirocco Meeting in Poland

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International Scirocco Meeting in Poland

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Dear Scirocco Friends,

I would like to invite you for our first international Scirocco meeting in Poland.

The meeting will be held from

21.05.2009 - 24.05.2009 in Poland near Poznan ... 09741&z=11

There will be guests from Germany, Poland, Romania, Hungary etc.

Following program will be offered


registration of our guests - welcome party


Driving in a convoi through beautiful landscapes to the Volkswagen Factory in Poznan. There we will watch how the new GOLF VI is biuld.

Unfortunately the new Scirocco is build in Portugal

In the evening Barbecue Party


Driving in a convoi to a nice museum of old automobiles. Afterwards a photosession on a nice old marketplace.

In the evining Barbecue Party (prizes for the niciest car etc.)


Driving back home.

Sleeping possibility & costs

You have to take your tent with you.


The cost for one person (one car, one tent)

40 euros for the whole 3 days

The cost for two person (one car, one tent)

30 euros per person for the whole 3 days

The price include:

sleepings costs (toilets, shower etc.)

museum entree

security guy

meeting entree (gifts, prizes for nicest cars etc.)

Please confirm your attendance till the end of march (The places for the factory visitation are limited !!!)

With any questions please contact me at

Hope to see you all on may

Best regards from Scirocco Team Poland !
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